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More Than Just a Step Challenge

Peak Pace enables you to run virtual team challenges everyone in your organisation will love...not just the steppers.

Individual & Group Challenges

Create individual or team based challenges with over 23+ activities tracked by your staff's favourite devices

Use PeakPace to create and track challenges based on a variety of activity types and goals like distance challenges, elevation challenges, or races.

Leaderboards & Statistics

Embrace healthy competition with inclusive leaderboards that spark conversation

As your team logs activities, Peak Pace will create dynamic and real-time leaderboards that engages your team and harnesses powerful social dynamics.

Activity Tracking & Wearable Integration

Allow participants to track activities with their own devices

Why track activities manually, when you can integrate and sync your activities automatically. No app download required.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Wave Goodbye to the complexities and expenses of fancy employee engagement platforms

At Peak Pace, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent. Enjoy credit-based pricing or cost-effective subscriptions, scale up or down anytime.

Simple, fair pricing

Get transparent pricing that flies under the radar of our CFO.

Annual (-33%)

Ideal for individuals and small teams running occasional challenges.


*Challenge participants do not pay. You purchase participant credits and let participants join your challenges.


No minimum commitment

Scalable usage

Individual & team challenges

10 free credits to start a challenge

Get Early Access

Perfect for businesses looking to make challenges & races part of their culture.





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Integrations for Slack & Teams

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Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each period. You can cancel or change your subscription any time. By cancelling your subscription, you will lose any unused credits.

What our users say.

Peakpace is the go-to web app for virtual challenges & races has been a game-changer for our small team. As a startup founder, I wanted a simple yet effective platform to boost our team's well-being, motivation, and collaboration. delivered exactly that.

Carsten Pleiser

Founder & Mountaineer

I was looking for a no-frills platform that could enhance teamwork and drive motivation. exceeded my expectations.

Emily Thompson

Head of HR

The virtual challenges and races not only added a fun element to our work, but also improved communication and collaboration among team members.

Mark David

Project Coordinator & Cyclist

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Answers You Need About PeakPace

What is PeakPace and how does it work?

In summary, PeakPace is a platform that empowers companies to prioritise physical activity, boost wellbeing, and cultivate a positive workplace culture through virtual challenges and races. It offers inclusive engagement, easy onboarding, comprehensive tracking, and the tools necessary to transform your workplace into an active and thriving community.

How can PeakPace benefit my team?

Peak Pace fosters a positive team culture by encouraging members to engage in friendly competition and work together towards shared goals. It promotes well-being by motivating individuals to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can I customise challenges & races on PeakPace?

Yes, you can fully customise challenges and races on PeakPace to align with your team's preferences and goals. From setting the duration and challenge goals to choosing specific activities or milestones, you have the flexibility to tailor the challenges to suit your team's needs.

Is PeakPace suitable for remote teams?

Absolutely! Peak Pace is specifically designed to cater to remote teams. It enables individuals from different locations to participate in virtual challenges and races, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie despite physical distance. With PeakPace, remote teams can bond, compete, and support each other in achieving their well-being and fitness goals.

Can I track the progress of my team and individual members?

Yes, Peak Pace provides comprehensive progress tracking features. You can monitor the overall progress of your team and track the performance of individual members. The platform offers real-time data and insights, such as step counts, activity duration, and milestones achieved, empowering you to stay informed and motivated throughout the challenges and races.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, you can use Peak Pace for free right now. You can start creating your challenges for free. The first 10 credits are on us, so you can try out Peak Pace, without any commitment.

How are credits used?

Credits are used every time a participant joins your challenge. The amount of credits used is based on the duration of your challenge. A one-month challenge will only consume one credit per participant. A one year challenge will use four credits per participant.

Longer duration challenges require more credits due to the increased processing activities, logging activities, sending email, and larger data storage requirements.

Do I have to use a credit if I join my own challenge?

Yes. Whilst you can view the status of each of the challenges you created, credits will be used if you decide to join your own challenge as a participant.

What happens to my challenge if I don't have enough credits?

New participants won't be able to join and they will get a notification that new participants can't join the challenge due to insufficient credits.

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